It is a transition fuel with renewable organic base contents and demineralized and deionized water in proportions that can reach 60%; the production process is carried out through “Fusion of Immiscible Substances Technology – FISTech” which allows the fusion at molecular levels of non-miscible liquids such as water and oil.

The product has maximum free water values ​​of 0.50% by weight when Free Water Content analysis is performed– ASTM D4860 – 14(2019) * %(V/V); notwithstanding the preceding, the water values ​​will be higher than 10% by weight when the Water by Distillation test is carried out: Water in Crude Oil by Distillation – (% V/V) ASTM D4006 – 16e1, this, due to the fusion of hydrocarbons (heavy crude, middle distillates and residues of distillation) with renewable organic-based raw materials with high water content, but lacking in sulfur, organic compounds other than methane, aromatics, olefins, ketones, aldehydes, polyaromatics and heavy carbon molecules, which allows that at the time of its combustion, Petroil 40 A Max achieves a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions: CO, CO2, SOX, N2O2, NOX, CH4 and particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 greater than 30%. The high oxygen content in renewable organic-based raw materials is critical to achieving a high-efficiency level, allowing better and complete combustion.