It can be used in boilers, furnaces, heaters, screen dryers and stationary engine power generation. Petroil 800 HC/G does not contain used motor oil.

It represents a new generation of fuels that will contribute to energy transition by fussing fossil liquid fuels derived from petroleum, with easy access and low-cost renewable substances.

PETROIL 800 significantly reduces aromatics, polyaromatics, sulfur, and other elements in 100% fossil-based fuels.

Adopting low-emission fuels like PETROIL 800 is a crucial step towards a sustainable energy transition, as many countries have proposed to mitigate the greenhouse effect.

The product presents maximum values of free water of 0.50% by weight when the analysis is performed under ASTM D4860 – 14 (2019) %(V/V) Free Water Content; notwithstanding the preceding, the water values will be more excellent than 10% by weight, when the Water by Distillation test is performed Water in Crude Oil by Distillation – (% V/V) ASTM D4006 – 16e1; This is due to the fusion of hydrocarbons (heavy crudes, middle distillates, and distillation residues) with renewable organic base materials with high water content, but lacking sulfur, organic compounds other than methane, aromatics, olefins, ketones, aldehydes, polyaromatics, and heavy carbon molecules.

Water presence in PETROIL 800 allows a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: CO, CO2, SOX, N2O2, NOX, CH4, and particulate matter MP10 and MP2.5 greater than 30%. The oxygen present in renewable organic-based feedstock is crucial to achieving high levels of efficiency, allowing for more complete combustion.