With an innovative vision, PETROIL, advances in the production of world-class fuels, destined to satisfy the most demanding needs in all types of industry.

PETROIL designs and produces fuels that guarantee higher efficiency levels than conventional products, providing its users with the best cost/benefit ratio, which can be quantified from the first day of its use in internal combustion engines (Diesel and Gasoline).

Maquila - Tolling services: Crude Distillation in favor of third-party companies

We can meet the specific needs of specific customers who want to make atmospheric or primary distillation of crude oils between 18 and 40°API, with the intention of obtaining: Naphtha, Kerosene, Middle Distillate, Gasoil and IFOs.

We are able to provide services of design, preparation of fuels of any type.

Marine Fuels Design and Production

PETROIL is ready to meet the new environmental standards for the production and use of marine fuels.

All products offered by PETROIL meet and exceed the standards established by the International Maritime Organization.

Design and formulation of fuels for industrial

Each customer requires a special fuel tailored to their needs. Petroil studies each case judiciously and delivers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Our fuels are designed to meet the most demanding expectations in terms of efficiency and profitability while protecting and preserving the environment.

We offer a fuel for every need. We offer a fuel for every need: Fuels for cargo transportation, construction machinery, power generation, boilers and any other application that requires better results.

Crude Oil Refining

We refine mid and light low-sulfur crude oil, obtaining from this resource fuels intended for the industrial,  river, and marine sectors.

Solvent and Petrochemical Design

Petrochemicals. Petroil is developing its petrochemical unit aimed at obtaining products of guaranteed quality. In the coming months we will be launching several lines of raw materials for the paint, personal care and plastics industries.

Recycling of mineral and vegetable oils

We are able to reuse any type of mineral or synthetic motor oil, thus making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability. Our goal: the reuse of lubricants whose inadequate final disposal puts water sources and soil at risk of contamination.

Upstream operations

Petroil is interested in vertically integrating the production chain; therefore, it actively participates in oil field development and exploitation initiatives in Colombia.

Other Businesses

PETROIL is participating in the implementation of a new fuel wholesale company in Colombia, and has made more than 15 different alliances with medium and large companies to develop different activities related to the fuel sector in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean.