We are the first choice in energy transformation

We are an innovative Hydrocarbon Refinery committed to designing and producing cleaner and more efficient fuels than conventional ones.

Leaders in production of cleaner fuels


Petroil is the first refinery in Latin America dedicated to designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly fuels.


We provide innovative solutions for sustainable development.


Petroil works to make better and cleaner fuels, improving the air we breathe.

Strategic Alliances

They trust our products

We work on the design and production of fuels whose use contributes to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Use in mining equipment
Use in stationary engines

Our products

Petroil 40 A MAX
Petroil 50/10 Fuel Oil #4
Petroil 60 Nafta Virgen
Petroil 90 - Premium gasoline
Petroil 100 ULSFO - IFO Upgrader
Petroil 250 Fuel Oil #4
Petroil 300 VLS Fuel Oil
Petroil 500 Marine MGO Fuel Oil
Petroil 800 G (Green)
Petroil 800 HC

Leaders in production of more efficient fuels

About Us

Our commitment goes beyond providing quality services to our clients or striving to meet their corporate goals.