Due to its physical and chemical characteristics, it represents the pinnacle of technology for a Fuel Oil No.4. It can be used in TIER 5 engines and engines with Euro VI technology, it is NOT indicated for vehicular use.

Petroil 50 – 10 Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil is a medium distillate within the Fuel Oil category, which ODIN Petroil S.A. has submitted to an industrial process that provides substantial improvements in its lubricity, cetane index (minimum 50) in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as NOX, SOX, CO, CO2, and particulate matter.

Petroil 50 – 10 Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil is intended for TIER IV and TIER V engines in heavy machinery, mining, power generation, agricultural equipment, and any other non-road equipment in Colombia for any other country, Petroil 50 10 is suitable for general vehicular use.

Our manufacturing process allows / P 50 – 10 to increase the efficiency of diesel engines by lowering total fuel consumption when comparing our results against results from conventional diesel.

PETROIL 50 – 10 can achieve fuel consumption reduction equal to or more significant than eight percent (8%), which translates to substantial economic savings for the end user.